Dru (29 March 2011)
"Response to Phil ..."

There are numerous links posted on The European Union Times news headline that I provided, so I could not locate the one in question ...
And my intention was to direct readers to the MAIN news story put forth by "The European Union Times" ...NOT to hidden links and/or individuals that you find objectionable.
Perhaps in general you disagree with the topic of Planet X / Nibiru / Tyche - or whatever you choose to call it, which is certainly your choice - but that does not mean that The European Union Times is in the business of putting forth disinformation on this subject. In all fairness, I think it's important for you to keep the main news source of this story in mind, not some hidden link that proved impossible for me to find.
Also, The European Union Times is not the only news source covering this important and controversial story ...
Take care,