Dru (2 March 2011)
"To MICHAEL COLUNGA Re: Planet X / Nibiru / Wormwood"

Dear Michael and Doves,
Thank you for providing that excellent and very informative link to "Coup Media" covering Planet X / Nibiru / Wormwood (whatever people wish to call it); and I also found another headline from "Coup Media" that will be of particular interest to you, and others following and studying the truth regarding this inbound planet - which lists dates that could affect Earth as early as March 4, 2011.
The link below lists the aforementioned date, along with other important dates to be aware of and to add to one's watch list - including THREE planetary conjunctions scheduled to occur in 2011; the first one occurring on March 15, the second conjunction is on September 26, and the third conjunction is on November 22: