Donna Danna (5 March 2011)

In reply to your 3/04 post at  as I understand it when the Earth is turned upside down according to Isaiah 24:1, the northern hemisphere will end up where the southern hemisphere is, and the southern hemisphere will end up where the northern hemisphere is if it is a 180 degree shift of the geographical locations.  If you were experiencing the season of summer, then it would be switched to the season of winter.  If you were experiencing the season of winter, it would suddenly be switched to summer.  Depending on what time of day it was when it happened if the sun had already risen in the sky or it was somestime during daytime, then the sun would look like it was setting or it might suddenly become night time outside.  If it happened at noontime, it would suddenly become midnight.
You mentioned up to possible 300 MPH winds during a poleshift. I also read an article about the underground shelters that are being built to withstand 425 MPH winds along with the following:
The Vivos shelters are designed to withstand:
• Flooding submersion for 500 hours
• Extreme external fires at 1,250 F for 10 days
• The effects of a magnetic pole shift
• 450 MPH surface winds
• 90 LB hail stones at a speed of 100 mph
• Force 10 earthquake in successions
• 50 megaton air burst detonated 20 miles away