Donna Danna (4 March 2011)
"REPLY TO LIZ TRACY -- Religion of the Antichrist"

In reply to your post at  I don't see how the Jews would accept a Muslim Mahdi as their Messiah either nor do I see the Muslims accepting a Jewish Messiah as their Mahdi, and only an apostate Christian is going to accept someone other than Jesus Christ as the real Christ. 
However, what about Maitreya.  On his day of declaration he is supposed to appear as the Messiah to the Jews, as the Mahdi to the Muslims and as the Christ to the apostate Christians.  I heard that he can shapeshift his appearance so he could look like someone's twin so maybe he will shapeshift  his appearance so that he looks like what each group is expecting him to look like.  If he performs great signs and wonders that might convince people that he is the one they are expecting.  However, we true believers are supposed to walk by faith and not by sight.