Donna (4 March 2011)
"~~  check out our new RITA sight dear doves  ~~"

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT~~ from the RITA group~~

The mods are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new RITA site, titled: Our new RITA provides powerful security, with up to date software.

We have been working hard behind the scenes for several months to bring you a top notch site filled with features we think you will enjoy.

First, we have added several layers of increased protection for our members, including: state of the art security, individual member signup with password & email cross-check protection, IP logging/blocking, & spam filters.

We have restructured all of our content areas for quicker and more accessible content access. We have also included a powerful new search function that delivers what you are looking for faster & in a way that is more pleasing to the eye.

Be sure to bookmark this new site:

Dear members and lurkers, ya'll come over and register, OK?!

It is so exciting that each one of you will be joining us at our new wonderful forum where we can continue to watch together for our Lord Jesus' soon return.

Looking forward to our fellowship on our new RITA, in the continued leading of the Holy Spirit... blessings!

The Mods