Donna (17 March 2011)
"Noticing a song from the Lord"

Hello Doves,

     I have been reading posts on this site for about 3 months and have been very blessed and encouraged.  The other day when someone mentioned hearing a song and thinking it was from the Lord as a confirmation of the nearing rapture, I knew I had to respond.  Last week I was reading an article regarding England's decision to restrict foster parenting to people who discouraged the homosexual lifestyle and how their prediction was that the US would follow suit.  Then, a fellow employee came walking through my office whistling The Final Countdown by the group Europe.  Yesterday, I took a look at the lyrics and they were awesome.  It talks about leaving the ground, meeting in the air, going past Venus.  Funny…  I can't wait.

Your Sister,
Welcome to the Doves, Donna!