Don Best (24 March 2011)
""He had an age already dated into him""

How old did Adam look like when he was 1 minute old?   Did he look like a new born baby?  I don't think so.
Well, then "How old did he look like?"  Did he look like a young boy?  A teenager?  a mature man?  I think he looked like a young mature man
even tho' he was only 1 minute old.

In other words, "He had an age already dated into him."  He looked older than what he actually was, right?

He looked like he had already had gone thru an aging process to reach his current looks.... a young mature man.  If I asked Adam, "Adam
what was it like when you were a boy say 10 years ago?"  He would have said, " I wasn't around then, I'm only 1 minute old,.... oops now I'm two
minutes old."

Well, all this to say....  If God created Adam with an age already dated into him.... to look older than he really was.... why couldn't have God
created the world to have an "age already dated into it"..... God didn't have to "form" or go thru the process of making oil or sea fossils or
whatever, He just created the fossils etc to make the world look old.  He could have put the fossils there in the hills west of you.... He could
have created the continents to look like they were joined at some time in the past.

God created the world with an age already dated into it.... just like He did to Adam. This is how I reason out that the world is just 6000 years
old but it isn't.  If we look back thru a time tunnel it looks like it took millions of years to form and change and the continents split and flow apart etc.