Don Best (22 March 2011)
"I read a book sometimes back.........."

I read a book sometimes back by two guys, whether they were scientists I don't remember, but they were discussing in this book, how did
God make the sun stand still, in Moses and Joshua's days, for "almost a day"?.  They were reasoning out different possibilities on how this
was done and then there was the time the sun went backwards 10 degrees or so on the sundial.  How did God pull this off?

Well, being God He could have just said to the world...."FREEZE"! ! ! !  DON'T MOVE ! ! !   but I don't really think this is how He pulled it off. lol

According to these two individuals, they came up with the idea that at one time Mars was in an elliptical orbit.... some times it was far away from the
earth and sometimes it go close to the earth.... and when God made the "sun stand still for almost a day" that Mars was closer to the earth and
stopped the earth from spinning...  

Now you can't prove that by me, but it sounds reasonable.... or it could have been this planet X that caused it to happen... I don't know....
All we know is that it DID HAPPEN.  Twice even..... Harold Hill wrote a book called "How to live like a King's kid" years ago and he was
the owner of 4 major companies that put the Gemini series of space capsules in orbit. He claims that his company of scientists would
run the time calculations forward and backwards to be able to calculate where the moon etc would be at any given point of time.

They ran their time program forward thru time and then backwards a few thousand years and back to present to check to see how accurate
they were.  He claims that one time they came back from the past and their calculations and were 23 hours and 20 minutes off.

Soooo, they read in the bible where the sun stood still for "almost a day".... well, 23 hours and 20 minutes is "almost a day"....
Then they ran their calculations again and the were 40 minutes off.... then they found again in the bible where the sun went backwards
so many degrees on the sundial..... and according to Harold Hill it worked out to be 40 minutes...

Now if you add 23 hours and 20 minutes to 40 minutes you end up with 24 hours.... one full day. Interesting huh?
I don't know what it means but these scientists just found out how accurate the bible really is.