Dianne Talsma (3 March 2011)
"re Rowina and unions"

Rowina ... I was OK reading of your support of unions and you stated your facts ... until I read your last paragraph.
"I look at some of the thugs who are causing mayhem before the cameras in this fight, and I know who they are--thugs sent in by the government side.  Probably.  One can't be sure of anything, but it's nasty, that is for sure."
I am reminded of the commandment that tells us not to bear false-witness.  I live in Wisconsin. you didn't mention if you do. 
If you assume things you have no first-hand knowlege about you do damage to the witness The Father is looking for us to have.  What if after investigation your accusations are wrong?  The words you write and say are record and can never be taken back.  They stand as your witness.