Dianne Talsma (2 March 2011)
"reply to Nicole about unions"

Nicole ... you live in CA.  Wisconsin is different in many ways.
I was a Wisconsin public school teacher.  My experience with "union-government" - for that is what it is - was frightening.  Teachers at my school were not told "strike" but other schools were.  If we had been told to "strike" I would have gone against my union boss' orders and be called a "scab" because our contract was still in force.  My signature on that contract was my bond.  I would have finished the term of my contract to be a pleasing witness to The Heavenly Father.
When I started teaching I was told by the union steward to join the teachers' union so the rest of the teachers would not have to pay for my burden of their collective bargaining.  I was told that if I didn't join the union I would be not be invited to the social gatherings of the other teachers.  This is coersion at a very intimate level and this was almost 30 years ago.
Recently the union bosses in Wisconsin said "sick-out" and the union members did as they were told.  Wisconsin elections are now meaningless as it is the union bosses who control Wisconsin and not the elected representatives.  I am part of the majority of Wisconsin voters who did choose Scott Walker as Governor for this state because I want his solutions.  The demonstrations in Madison -- by extreme force -- veto my vote and the majority of us Wisconsinites.  I personally don't want union-rule.  I do want to vote for those who would represent me.
Elected representatives who owe allegiance to unions are difficult to deal with because they are beholding to the unions.  Don't be lead astray -- politics is local and where you personally live.  When your local elected representatives are not representing your interests and are getting what you consider too much in pay -- vote them out of office.  It is the union bosses that the non-union private citizen cannot vote out of position amd power that worry me.
Lastly "unions" are presented as the protectors and providers ... and not The Heavenly Father.  When I left teaching years ago my best friend was concerned about what I would do.  The Father let me see that there were 98% of jobs and life available to me outside of teaching.  And when a particular job ended I was amazed to discover how The Father always had another plan for me.  He never let me to go hungry or without shelter.
If you have owned a business yourself, have been an elected representative, or have worked as an independent contractor your world-view would reflect that.  Each of these have burdens that you are not aware of.
Our Father calls us to witness His Light living in us.  Being angry with others and thinking to "right-the-wrongs" we see and doing it in our own understanding is not what we are called to do.  We get into trouble because we think we know everything there is to know about a situation, but we don't.  And this is a snare that catches the unwary unless you hear directly from The Father.
The Heavenly Father asks us to let His Light shine in us.  That's the witness He can work with.  You and husband live in the Light of The Father and make your own personal decisions accordingly.  That's the witness He will work with.