Dewey (29 March 2011)
"For Paul Wilson re Dewey"

Hi Paul, no I did not answer part of your question, I took off a while from any postings on
either of the two sites I interact with, for a few days.  But to answer you as to my believing I hear something from God, you won't like this Paul, but my hearing  from the Lord is not
subject to review by you or anyone else but the Holy Spirit, you don't challenge all of the
other posters on the Doves, am I special or something ?  Its not necessary for a posted
reply to this.
Moving along, if you know your Bible, surely you should, you already know of the event in
the Torah, Chapter 14 of Numbers, and it was not Moses acting as God wanted him to do,
it was intercession on Moses's part, and it was un necessary to do so, as YHVH told him
HE would make of him, Moses, a greater and mightier nation than them,  Moses was under
no obligation to intercede for Israel.  It was an offer he could accept without guilt or any
necessity.  Again surely you are familiar with this event, it also referenced again in ch 9 of
No hard feelings Bro Paul, and as you said, His will be done, BUT, we are told to speak up,
and declare our perspectives to Him, thay we may be corrected.
Do you get before the Lord for America ?? Or just blow it off as ungodly and deserving of
destruction, worthy  of  all damnation, do you hold up before HIM the faith of our Fathers,
or are  they just a bunch of old dead white men as some said some years ago, useless old writings no longer valid, swept aside by these modern times ??  We cling to The Bible, a few thousand years old, but its writings provided our Founding Fathers the inspiration they
held to establish The United States of America, God breathed, and still God breathed
inspiration to this very day.  It was a covenant cut with them, and some of us to this day
hold it up to Him, declaring it to Him. Remember it Lord, YOU authored it.