Dewey (29 March 2011)
"A few insights"

Hi Bro John and all other Doves, Blessings in Jesus's Name !  I took some time aside last
sunday, the 20th, and again on friday, the 25th to LISTEN and as He says, Come for a walk
in The Garden with ME.  While I cruised the sites a bit, it was time to listen, and will share a
few items here, if some don't receive them, its fine with me.
Sunday the  20th, the current weather here in California is very rainy and loaded with snow,
Yosemite Park got 3 1/2 ft in ONE DAY of snow, on top of what was already there, and it
continued all week, Lake Tahoe much snow etc as other places.  It was indicated to me that this would continue longer than most thought, and that HE was messing with the earth
worshipper types.  Also, continue to pray Psalm 2 as prayer over the WH and the current
administration.  The rains finally let up last nite the 27th, more to come ?
Friday the 25th, Again pray Psalm 2 over the WH & admin AND over the earth worshipping
witchcrafters, He is displaying to the world that HE God is in charge of this process, and yes sun spots and other factors influence the weather, BUT HE is the first and last word !
On both days, the 20th and 25th, it was made clear to me that what is happening in the mid east IS connected to Psalm 83, Obadiah, and that it will not come together as quickly
as some see it going down.  We see Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Yemen hanging tough,
with Syria also trying to hang tough, but jr Assad doesn't have the moxie daddy Assad had,
and he may fold eventually, with Yemen.  The Saudi's have the most to lose, and already
have got brutal, more to follow. All of this is headed we know where, but not so quick.
Also that " O " is totally out of any ability to deal with what is happening overseas, THAT IS
WHY he WAS CHOSEN FOR his PRESENT JOB !! Full of his own ways, totally clueless
as to what the job is, and was selected by the people behind the curtains just for that reason, to bumble about and foul things up so they can try to do their will, and again, HE
GOD will confound them,  Psalm 2 in motion. (Note here :  WorldNetDaily has been running some heavy stuff on mr Soros lately )
Other matters personal to myself and family were dealt with as well which will stay with me.
I sensed the nearness and Precious closeness of the Lord all weekend, Bless The Lord !!
Bless You Fellow Doves