Dewey (22 March 2011)
"Re Harvey Troyer America Babylon ?"

Hi Harvey, I have looked over your perspectives, an well aware of the schemes of many
looking at The Illuminati, The masons etc in the founding of The USA.  I don't buy one bit
of it, respectfully, but America is America, not Babylon.  Saddamn Hussein of Iraq was in
the process of rebuilding the very actual city of ancient Babylon before he was removed
from power and put down permanently.  This city will yet be rebuilt, the seaway excavated
up the twin rivers and ch 18 of Revelation will go down.  God was directly involved in the
founding of this country, He authored The Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independance, The Articles of Federation of 1646, as well The Constitution of The United States.  Yes the Mason and other tried to meddle in it, BUT, Almighty God owns this place, NOT the schemers in secret socities, and their secrets are KNOWN to Him.
Are you going to give the devil his due, or to The Lord God Almighty ??  Think it over when
you try to lay Rev ch 17 & 18 onto America.  Dig up the documents I referenced and look
them over please.  Some will say they are expired and out of date......since when did they
expire please??