Dewey (22 March 2011)
"Laura/Earthquake Signs Calif"

Hi laura, you indicated that there is not much we can do about it.......YES there is, IF you
have the guts ( sorry John if this is too heavy ) to do it !  Has anyone amongst The Doves
ever had the Lord tell you to do actions to prevent earthquakes ?  Ever read Psalm 60, vs 2
where David asks God to " HEAL THE BREACHES THEREOF, " as in " Thou hast made the earth to tremble, thou hast broken it, heal the breaches thereof, for it shaketh ."  It doth
appear to me that we can do alot about it. Last week I raised the issue of Deut ch 32 vs 22 and no one bit on it.  " For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase and SET ON FIRE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE MOUNTAINS. "
Ever knelt before or stood before the Lord, holding HIS WORD in His Face, asking, maybe
demanding that He do as is shown in His Word, and do as David did in this verse in Psalm 60 ??  Most believer are afraid to do it, but we are instructed to do so. Ever asked the Lord
to please defer His anger ??
Ever looked at an ancient volcano, and asked the Lord what do you have to say about this
volcano Lord ??  I did repeatedly in Quezon Province, Luzon, Phillippine Island back in 2006 and 07, finally He said to me :  " Tell it to STAY ASLEEP. "   I did and shared it with
the local church nearby, " Tell it to stay asleep. "  In Jesus Name of course. Mt Benahaw,
huge volcano, asleep for 400 years, Stay Asleep Mt Benahaw.
Now this will seem incredulous to some, but back in the middle 90's driving home from SFO to Antioch Calif we were nearing Lake Temescal, just at the edge of the Oakland Hills
which sits exactly on top of the Hayward Fault, when the Lord directed me to stop there.
Next to take off my shoes and socks and walk about the near edge of the lake, and tell
the Hayward Fault to BE STILL in Jesus name. So I did and left for home. No big deal, I
just did as I was instructed.
We can do something about these things I believe.