Dewey (17 March 2011)
"For Jean Stepnoski and all USA Doves, and all other Doves."

Hi Jean, finally hearing from someone who is familiar with the Mayflower Compact !  Its
great to read of your family's atachment to this awesome piece of history, a covenant HE
God made with some of our Founding Fathers. As for me, it still stands.
Next, I referenced in my previous post that someone had reported hearing that the Lord had told someone about this covenant when they were demanding of HIM as to when was HE going to judge ( destroy ) America for its sins.  I located one of these references today in my huge pile of STUFF on my desk, the Lord took me right to it.  For those of you who save older copies of The Believers Voice Of Victory, look up the SEPTEMBER 2008 issue, page 22, One Nation for the Glory of God.  Its right there.  Need a copy, email me.
Yeah I know some folks don't like KCM and Ken Copeland, well that is your position. In this
article there is NO issue over $$, Healing, Tongues etc, but matters of God establishing
this country for HIS PLANS.  I challenge you to research this issue, and see what is being
reported in this matter. Get yourselves a copy of The Mayflower Compact, as well The
Articles Of Federation and The Constitution Of The United States.  I keep them for frequent
research issues, esp when so many write off America and seem more than ready to flush it
with the single largest $$ force for Gospel finance worldwide. I have received abundant
mocking, and trash talk sent my direction on other sites over this. But The Doves are much
better and more gracious, amen. Bless You Bro John !
Hoping this didn't go over too harshly, GOD BLESS AMERICA.