Dewey (14 March 2011)
"Re Gerry Almond/Coastlands"

Hi Bro Gerry, you opened the door Bro about " COASTLANDS " so here goes:  " Only three nations have coasts on both
sides ( plural ) and they are Canada, America, and Mexico. "  Seems to me that Greenland, Italy, the whole of the Greek
Islands, Australia, Iceland, JAPAN, the various Pacific region islands etc etc etc fit into the picture here. So this one we
can plainly see is dealt with. We can throw in England, Ireland, Scotland and so on.
As for the beasts of different shapes, your explanation sounds OK, but these were all ancient kingdoms from way back in
time. The Leopard with the four heads, Alexander's kingdom split up among his generals.  The Bear, Persia, and so on in
the Mediterrean Basin and its surrounding ancient empires.  The horrible beast, # 4, the final form of the revived Roman
Empire sounds ok, though some now will liken it to revived islam, ie Joel Richardson and his views on reviving the old Caliphate of islam. 
" I fear that our America is to be the victim to nuclear destruction at the hand of Russia at the time of the God/Magog invasion of Israel. "  No sir !  We will watch this invasion on worldwide TV while it goes down,  and the USA will not be
destroyed by Russia, islam or anyone else out there, it will continue into the kingdon age Christ sets up as a SHEEP
Nation.  Bringing offerings to Israel as is described in Zech ch 14.  Of course you and many others will disagree in this but
I will not back down on supporting America as long as I have breath and see Abrahams 10 righteous still holding the
Mayflower Compact, The Articles of Conferderation of 1646, and The Constitution of The USA ( which GOD AUTHORED )
in the Lord's face.  So many believers have written off ALL PEOPLE ALIVE in this country, written off ALL BELIEVERS who
pray and remind God of The Covenants HE established with our Founding Fathers.  Sweep it all aside for judgement, NO
SIR.  If all else here see only doom and judgement and destruction for us, I DON'T, and I won't relent.
Has the Lord ever asked any of you fellow Doves out there " Do you suppose that I ( GOD ) made a covenant with the
Founding Fathers " ?  He asked it of me back in 2003 one fine day walking and praying in a local park nearby my home
where on occasion I visit and pray.  Its been reported by a well know Christian minister by men from India, that when they
demanded of God WHY DON'T YOU DESTROY AMERICA FOR ITS SINS, HE told them that HE GOD had made a
Covenant with America and would not do so.  HE, God, referenced The Mayflower Compact to them.  Of course some of
you will reject this as a preachers tale, I don't, especialy since HE referenced the same matter to myself personally.
Ok Bro Gerry,  God Bless You and our Fellow Doves