Dee (29 March 2011)
"Kristallnacht, the 2008 election and April 4"

Before I share my thoughts today, I want to say I love the Doves and look forward to the day of meeting that is surely coming soon.  May His grace and peace be enjoyed by each of you as we look up and watch together.

I noticed a reference to Kristallancht in a recent post (sorry, I can’t remember which one!).  The thought hit me to check the amount of time that elapsed between that night of evil (November 9, 1938) to the presidential election in the USA on November 4, 2008.  It turns out it is 69 years, 11 months 27 days.  Close to the concept of 70 years in a generation.  Amazing to see it line up in time in regards to evil.

Then I checked out how many days will have elapsed since that election to April 4, 2011 and found it will be 881.  Bob Ware has mentioned this number many times.  I rarely understand all the math, but from Bob's teachings, I do know that 881 is the 153rd prime number………………and there were 153 fish in the net!

Any number of the Doves may see more than that, and I would love to read those thoughts.  But right now, my heart rejoices in seeing the “fish” number!

I don’t know that this means anything at all, but it sure is interesting to me.  On the day so many of us are looking towards (April 4), our current president will be in his 881st day since being elected to represent change a huge number of people wanted.

I pray it is the day the “fish net” is cast and brought in with the fullness in number of His people!

Oh may it be so, dear Lord……even so, come quickly!


Dee, in Florida