Deborah W (3 March 2011)
"Reply to Kathy"

I too have suffered from a great deal of pain in my life.  I have recently been pointed to the ministry of Katie Souza (expected end ministries).  I purchased her cd's called Healing School.  In them, she gives details of how to press in to Jesus with worship and a deeper relationship.  He will then SHOW UP and heal your soul!  I had a car accident years ago and had blamed my pain on that, but the reality that Jesus has showed me, was that the pain was from severe soul wounds that only He can heal.  It is soooo simple, as you are laying in bed you can just press into him!  Katie has also been given a king killer annointing and in I think the last cd, she gives the name of the king over your finances, she then offers a powerful prayer to assist you in breaking free from this king over your life.  Your finances will then be instantly set free in JESUS name!  If you absolutely cannot buy this cd series (it's $28.00) then you can pick up a little of what she says by going to sid and watching the show that he had her on.  Jesus wants to heal you!  You just have to be willing to submit to HIM!  This information I am giving you is not really about Katie, I am actually thru "following" anybody but JESUS himself.  Katie said in the cd that she doesn't want to be known as the woman who has king-killer annointing, she wants to be known as the woman who told you to get more of JESUS! I pray for your total release from these bonds, in JESUS" name!

Deborah W.

If you get rid on the spirit of "Trauma" that you mentioned first then you will have quicker breakthru as well.  Joan Hunter thru her healing ministry learned that the spirit of trauma is sort of like the lid to the trash can! I actually got that revelation the same day a friend called me to tell me what Joan said.  It was confirmation to me when she called.

It's imperative that you forgive the driver of the semi, bless him and lay him at the altar of Jesus.  NOW, In Jesus' name, I  command that spirit of trauma from that accident to come off of Kathy, all of it, go, straight to the footstool of Jesus.  You no longer have permission to stick to this child of the MOST HIGH GOD.  Get off of her now trauma, in the name of Jesus!