Debbie (17 March 2011)
"Japan and China"


Here is what I am thinking, (not saying it is so, on what is happening in Japan).

I think that the country of Japan as we know it is finished..... If the problem is as catastrophic and as bad as people think. The world is looking at a lot of displaced people. We will have to move a whole nation! Were could they go. That amount of people to be moved is mind boggling. Other countries don't want them they have problems of their own and the cost to move all these people would be crazy.

Now, I saw pictures on 5 doves awhile back about empty cities built in China were no one lives, If the China offers these cities to Japan as a temporary solution, China then will be able to step-in and take control of all these people, the nation of Japan and all the Asian countries surrounding them. China wants to be number one.

(Maybe in order to fill end-time events, God moved on China to build these empty cities, for such a time as this).

God Bless