Dave Molina (7 March 2011)
"U.S. teachers tell U.N. sex is a 'spectrum' Advocate mandatory classes to free students from 'religion'"


    As in the days of Noah. The NEA has always been a  moral cesspool. But, know it is clear that their hatred for Christianity knows no bounds. They are relentless in their determination to tear down all family values and prepare the State to control our youth. Yes my friends, I am sure that most are not aware that they are the pawns (use full idiots) in the planning of the destruction of our Republic. And leading the charge, sad to say, are the people that swore and oath to uphold the Constitution. Oh, how they must sit in their Liars Dens (offices) and laugh at the minions doing their bidding, while using the Constitution as rug to wipe their feet. OK, ok, I am rambling, but some how, this in your face comment from the NEA tells how far we have sunk. Into the abyss!!!! But, on the bright side, this is all as it is to be before the coming of our Lord. And there is lies our hope, sanity, comfort and peace. But a little righteous anger once in a while helps too!