Dave Molina (22 March 2011)
"Putin condemns 'trend' of US military intervention:"

Just a thought, but could all this US non-constitutional "intervention" be the excuse Russia will use some day as they ponce on Israel with it's allies. We could be seeing the Ezk 38-39 foundation being laid, by none other than the US. Again, just a thought

Putin condemns 'trend' of US military intervention:
Slams UN resolution allowing military action
on Libya as a "medieval call to crusade"

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (FILE)

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Monday lashed out at the "steady trend" of US military intervention around the world, accusing Washington of acting without conscience or logic.

"I am concerned about the ease with which the decision to use force was taken," Russian news agencies quoted Putin as saying in reference to the current international campaign in Libya.

Noting that the United States had already involved itself in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Putin added: "Now it's Libya's turn.

"And all of this under the guise of protecting peaceful civilians. Where is the logic, where is the conscience? There is neither one nor the other," Putin said.