Danny B (8 March 2011)
"re Jennie on Rapture Date"

I agree with you that the Rapture day will be a normal day.  In addition, I think that a very likely time of the day would be at or around midnight
on a Tuesday, Jerusalem time.  Now for reference, that would be about 5PM Eastern Standard time on a Monday afternoon here in the US. 
The thinking behind this comes from the Jewish wedding ceremoney and is referenced to in the story of the 10 virgins. 
Below is a posting I made 10-13-10 that gives additional arguments in support of your suggestion.
Danny (13 Oct 2010) 
"Rapture Day"

What is the day of the week that the rapture will occur? I have seen a several letters where it was indicated that the rapture would take place on a Sabbath. I would like to make the following observation that I think would make the argument against a Sabbath rapture.

To paraphrase Luke 17:34,35 and in Matthew 24:40 and 41, it states that two men will be in the field, and two women will be at the mill grinding. This indicates to me that they are working and it is not a special feast day or Sabbath that the rapture will take place.

Now if he does show up on a Sabbath, I for one will not be disappointed. However I do think that the above scriptures indicate that the rapture will occur on a normal work day and not a special feast day or Sabbath.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. I hope it gives someone some food for thought.