Danny (14 March 2011)
"Well all Christians be caught up? Rapture"

Praise our Father brothers and sisters in Christ.

We need to stay in the Word and true to it. When Christ comes we don't know. Well all Christians go? Now see this is where many ADD to the word of God. The 12 asked Jesus about the end and Jesus told them. So when Jesus talks about 10 virgins its not 5 of the world and 5 believers :) Nor when Jesus says "pray you are found worthy" is He just telling the 12, no all believers. If ANY that just say "I believe in Jesus" are all going no matter what He would have said so. And to help those that say ALL WILL GO they try to tell others that in Rev the 1st few books about the Chruchs are not about us today but only back in Johns day, again this is not written. There is no web site, no man, woman that can make sure you are saved and will be ready when we are caught up (Rapture). When we are born again (born from above) ALL things become new. We are NEW. We no longer are slaves to sin we are FREE! Its real! We can not stay in sin and love this world and SAY we love our Father/Jesus for if that is how we are then love for our Father is not in us. He commanded us to love each other, love our enemy's forgive each other 70*7 as He does us.

Yes He is coming for a Church with out spot or wrinkle. Some seem to think just because you are now saved this = without spot or wrinkle. It is not by works we are saved or righteous. This is through and by Jesus since we believe. All I am really saying is lean on, trust in, hope in, have faith in JESUS, His Spirit that is in each of us. Look to Him, stay in the word, love, forgive STOP talking behind others back. If they are NOT there to defend them selfs or if it is not the way YOU would want to be treated then do the same. When you fail what does Jesus do for you? Does He talk to others about how you got it wrong or your so called prophecy was off or just whack? No He takes the problem right to  your face and LOVES YOU and forgives you. No  we DONT do this. We talk about so and so, talk about how the missed it, we DONT offer up prayer because they missed it just like we do every day. Love each other as I have loved you. Forgive each other, how many times do I forgive my brother? Forgive.

Jesus is coming we see the signs. Its time to WAKE UP. We all feel asleep.. can you see? We all have a choice. Jesus is only coming for His Church without spot or wrinkle. The bible our Fathers word never anywhere says "all Christ like people will be caught up". Man comes along and makes you feel better and says.. don't worry Hes going to take all. Put your hope and trust in Jesus not man. John 3:16 is your promise. You living each day the best you can showing this world Jesus through you. And you now never have to wonder. Repent get back, right with Jesus and your good to go. No you CAN NOT stay in SIN you HAVE to make a choice. Time is not on your side. This is not the time to play around in sin. Yes Jesus died for all sins forever. But you love the one and hate the other is still true today. Its one thing to be temped and fail its another to just say you love Jesus and stay in sin. You love your father the devil if you live like this for we can not serve to masters. MAN will tell you its ok blah blah. What does the word say? If we love Jesus we do not want to sin period. Jesus told them when we walked the earth.. go and sin no more. If they could do it then we can do it now.

In closing the word tells us many will come in MY NAME in the end times. I think we picture this as some person saying "I AM JESUS". I BELIEVE this is also the many we see now saying "Take this letter so and so I am Jesus talking". All I will say is make sure what EVER is said is in THE WORD OF GOD! DONT TRUST some letter. Trust have faith in Gods word. He loves us so much. We need to, commanded to love each other. Also know this.. Your Father, Jesus, His sweet sweet loving Spirit that is IN you can speak to you just as He did to any person that has ever known Him. They are not better, more holy. Its not silver and gold He wants .. its just willing and open.

So if you are still in sin, or wondering about Jesus. God loved this world so much He gave his only son that who ever believes in Him will have every lasting life. Turn away from sin, if you fall just go to Jesus and He will forgive you and thats it. Jesus is REAL take the time to pray and just ask Him. Take the time to listen to Him.

In Christ Danny
Don't listen to me if I say anything that is not in the word of God. Search for yourself.. but love each other, forgive each other...oh then you start to see.