Clay Cantrell (7 March 2011)
"1776, 911 & the 343 Number"

Readers -

Recently I posted on 9-11 and the Eleventh Hour here:

...which I feel is an important read.  

The world in general knows the number 911 as the catastrophe. The second number
the general populace knows out the event is probably the number 343, the number
of firefighters who died in the Twin Towers.

Another number that appears to be associated with grief that came out of
studying the 9-11 event is 109, appearing like so...

2001 - 911 = 1090 (109 x 10)

I direct you to the following notable triplet:

1776 = 343 + 1090 + 343

I'm not sure how to interpret that, if interpretation is called for - but it
appears at first read to mean that there are two "343" events that
will strike the USA. 9-11, 2001 being the first one. I tried to find 343 in the
12.7.1941 Pearl Harbor attack that started the USA's involvement in WWII, but
failed to do so, so I'm still looking into the future.

In 1997, in my Vision of the Destroyed Western City (USA), there were no numbers
involved in the vision itself. So I cannot say for sure if the 343 number
applies to that.

I will say this - There is a tower of day numbers that extends from day 162
(June 11) down to the end of the month that totals 3430 (343 x 10). imho 6-11
was the day Enoch was born, and maybe the day he was taken. I feel like some
event is slated for 6-11 in a non leap year, as this is a bookend to the 9-11
(day 254) tower of day numbers that equaled 5270.

This base conversion trio shows the connection:

343 decimal = 527 octal = 157 hxd