Clay Cantrell (17 March 2011)
"Song of Solomon 7:09, March 3.11, and 1680 "

Readers -

the Japan Quake/Tsumani/Nuclear event began March 3.11.2011

total of all day numbers from day 70 (March 11) through the end of the month =


Strong's 1680h = dabab, to glide gently

this word occurs once in the mysterious verse that I consider a Resurrection of the Dead verse, and by nature of the Strong's number 2441h found inside the verse, a catching away indicator also.

My Strong's concordance lists 2441h Chek as a root word for Enoch (Chanok).

2441 was the first number I tried a base conversion on years ago after I bought a calculator that did base conversions. Bob Ware tipped me off to them. putting the 2441 number in the decimal slot yielded what I was already convinced of was true - a solid connection to the Rapture number 989, the greek value of 726g Harpazo (Catching away).

the chart below shows that base conversion and the confirming triplet (imho).

the chart also shows the theoretical connections I have made between the Wedding at Cana, and this Song of Solomon verse. note the appearance of 911.

remember, the inclusive day counts from 11.23.06 (Polonium 210 event) to the 3.11.11 Japan Nuclear event = 1570 days.

base conversions show that

888 dec = 1570 oct

157 confirmed as a 9-11 number.

special note:
all prime numbers added through 157 =


Strong's 2585h = ENOCH.