Clay Cantrell (14 March 2011)
"NYT: Japan Floods Nuclear Reactor Crippled by Quake in Effort to Avert Melt"

Readers -

There are 1570 inclusive days from 11.23.06 Polonium 210 nuclear event to 3.11.11 Japan quake/tsunami which has turned out to be a "nuclear event." This possibly verifies the start and end of the 1570 day count, like bookends.;jsessionid=C63740E5A857AEAF716CB3D703101AB8.w6?a=757459&f=110

I take it to mean then that 3.11.11 is the new start date counting forward to the next nuclear event.  Like a thrown rock skipping over the surface of a pond, it hits the surface in intervals that get shorter and closer the further out from the original skip point it gets.