Cindy Busch (3 March 2011)
"prayer request for home to sell THIS MONTH for top dollar :)"

Instead of so many just trying to take advantage of ya….

Hi John,

I hope this note finds you well J. I have a prayer request, for I know the doves PRAY IN FAITH. I desperately need to sell my home too... very tough time financially as with many. I am trying to launch a new business for I recently lost my job as well…however, I am always hopeful:) God is so good!
I’ve been more of a lurker than a contributer for the last couple of yearsJ, I honestly didn’t think we would see 2011 but here we are! Hahahaha…. Just know it’s soon…

Doves thanks in advance for your prayers….love you all so much!!!!!


Cindy Busch