Cinda Godfrey (16 March 2011)
"We Need to Unite in Prayer to Avoid Nuclear Catastrophe"

Hi Everyone,
I've been monitoring the news out of Japan and it was just announced that the few braves souls who were working non-stop to avoid a full-scale nuclear meltdown at 6 different reactors, the likes of which the world has never experienced, have been ordered to stop their work, evacuate and save themselves.  In essence, the Japanese have thrown in the towel.
Doves, we all know that the only one who can prevent this massive worldwide nuclear catastrophe from happening and sending lethal radiation literally all around the globe is our Lord.  Please.....if we all unite in continuous prayer that God will intervene in this horrible mess and render the Fukushima nuclear facilities safe, I know He will hear our cries and come to our rescue.
The people and innocent children and animals are depending on our prayers.  For the past year, we've been poisoned by the Corexit and various dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico.  People are dying from them and it is ongoing.  We can't afford to add nuclear fallout to the already toxic mix.  Like it or not, we are still here on this planet and, until the Lord finally returns to remove his Bride from danger, the power of prayer is our only hope.  Please join me and thanks in advance for your heart-felt prayers to avoid nuclear devastation for everyone.  Let's keep knocking until God answers.