Christina (9 March 2011)
"FEMA, Near Miss Asteroids as of 3/8/2011"

Hello John and Family of Doves,
Please read below and take precautions.  FYI!  I sent this information to my friends and families and wanted to share with my Dove family too.
Love In Christ,

            Ok!  FYI!  Interesting stuff going on!  I don’t want to worry you or stress you out.  But, this is posted on  Pretty cool pictures of the Space Station flying by (you can click on each individual person’s name and see their pictures too) – yesterday were pictures of the Cresent moon next to Jupiter.  But, what is a tid bit interesting or concerning to me is that down below on Space Weather they are tracking Near miss Asteroids that could hit the Earth.  Ok!  They are tracking that on a day to day basis stating new ones show up every day.  Cool – understand that.  We don’t always know what is going to happen.

            But,  I went to FEMA’s website and they are telling you to prepare for the worst (below) and then on the and they are stating that NASA,  the UK & Ireland’s observatory have spotted a new killer asteroid potential hit or miss on 3/10/2011.  I don’t know ….. just read.  Come Lord Jesus – Pray and look up!  I would say these are the Best of Times if it is truly the Lord’s time!



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