Chris (11 March 2011)

                         I AM, I AM JESUS THE TRUTH THE ONLY TRUTH          



This day, I am speaking on Truth, MY Truth.  There is no other Truth.  I, GOD am Truth.       Besides  there  is no other Truth.  I am absolute Truth.


I am here to discuss what MY Word says, MY blessed Word.  The world has its own version of what truth is… It is anything that goes along with their misled philosophies—ideas that stem from fantasies and beliefs that run the gamut of thoughts conceived in the minds of men and inspired by the perverted will of satan.  This is the truth of men who follow the ways of the world. If you follow the ways of the world, outside of MY HOLY SPIRIT-inspired Truth, the Word of GOD WHO is JESUS CHRIST, and the authority of GOD JEHOVAH the FATHER, than you are lost.  You are following down one of many paths of deceit conceived and prepared in advance for you to follow by MY enemy to your eternal demise.


One of these many paths is the lie built on the belief that I am not coming very soon and that I am not coming anytime soon.  This lie is straight from the pit of hell and is fostered by those who are in love with the world, mesmerized by the world, and lusting after her lies and mistakenly clamoring for a world that seemingly offers more than a life set apart with the CREATOR of the Universe.  This is the lie that most people are pursuing and are completely deceived by this warped idea.


I, GOD am furious with a peoples  who lusts after the world and the evil coated lies that they so readily fall for… MY people, do you not see the trap that has been carefully prepared for you?  Do you not see how this trap was built to entice you and lead you astray?  Even the elect will be deceived in this final hour.


MY children, money will not save you; your work will not save you; your governments’ will not save you; your famed people will not deliver you.  You can follow after all forms of ideas and beliefs seeking truth, but it is all false and there is only one road to truth and life everlasting.  The narrow road is JESUS, your LORD and SAVIOR—I am that Truth.  All other so called truth is deception.  It looks so right and it seems so true, but unless you follow hard after ME, your LORD and SAVIOR—you will be forever lost.


Soon I am coming to take MY bride to her wonderful home away from the earth safe and sound.  Very few are coming with ME because very few are seeking truth, pure truth.  Very few are embracing MY Ways, MY Holy Ways: Holiness; Purity; Love; Humility; Patience; Joy; Kindness, and all the Ways that I, GOD require to be prepared to come into MY Kingdom when I come for this bride—a unique people who worship ME in love and truth.


These are MY terms: walk humbly and surrender to your GOD, your SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST—I AM HE.