Chris (1 March 2011)
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus"

                 “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”


The Lord talked to me today and told me there is a powerful message coming soon, down from the father of lights. It is coming with great joy and happiness for his children and with great terrors for those who do not believe. Watch and keep your eyes on Jesus. The message that will be revealed is partly in the song, “turn your eyes upon Jesus”

Then I was taken in the spirit into to heaven and giving glimpse of what Jesus looks like. He has white hair and a beard as soft as can be. His eyes are as blue as flowing spring water. Around his waist is a golden sash, gold as gold can be. On his arms were the words, “King of Kings,” and “Lord of Lords.” Over his chest was an ephod with twelve stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel, white, bordered in gold. There were four rows of three stones each. In his right hand were many stars. His robe was blowing in the air. He was radiant and glowing magnificently, the most refreshingly beautiful sight I have ever seen. The colors were as vivid as nothing ever seen before on earth. Jesus has so much love for this world that he is now holding back the devastation. His eyes are so blue because he has so much love for this world now. This is why his eyes are not yet full of fire, because of his love for this world. But he will not hold back much longer because he is not pleased with this world. His love will turn to anger when more people turn their backs on him.