Cary (9 March 2011)
"Re - Walt"

Hello Walt
Well how amazing is God. I have very much been helped along with a page from but what had me going on a mission with this was just the subject you touched on. Family.
We have 5 grown children which we have lovingly brought up in a faith filled way and all of them are now doing degrees and are reaching out to students around them with the gospel. My only son has just gone to Trinity Dublin to do Astro-physics and is working with the CU there, evangelizing. So you can imagine our sorrow when our oldest one says she doesn’t want to follow Jesus anymore and wants what the world has to offer instead. We are left holding her and telling her everything will be ok whilst wondering why we don’t know our daughter any more either morally or spiritually! This is what set me off on a search on the whole issue of salvation and apostasy. We are still holding her and loving her and she is responding now less of a flat no and more of an I’m confused, help me.
I would appreciate your prayers, you seem to know.
Blessings Cary