Cary (7 March 2011)
"re - Bill Griese"

This is my position also.
Once you have decided to chose the righteous path (Psalm 1) instead of the evil one you have accepted Gods unmerited favour (Grace through faith) and the natural progression of that is the bearing of fruit (works) and a desire to overcome the sin that besets us and separates us from a relationship with God. This is why I think once saved always saved can be a little dangerous. It seems to promote the idea that once saved sin is neither here not there and it doesn't matter what we do!
Apostasy is a falling away from the truth of Gods word. It’s not too difficult when you look around to see that on a world scale there is a mass apostasy going on in God’s church. It was said by a bishop recently that there was a need to separate Jesus from Christ. I have heard, even in my own community, that there are more than one paths to heaven and some churches even go so far as to be actively building bridges with other faiths and using ‘the queen of heaven’ to do this!
There is of course much more that can be said on both of the above.