Cary (30 March 2011)
"re Rudy"

Hello Rudy
I would like to have a go at answering your question from a couple of days ago. I can only do so from my (limited) knowledge of God and am open to correction and teaching here.
I know the devil wants us to believe halve truths because there is no power in halve truths.
Your question
If you had several children, and one of them mis-behaved all the time, and you decided to move, would you leave that child behind?
God is greater in His mercy than we are, and though a true born again Christian may stumble and fall on occasion, God will not leave those who are His behind.
No more than you would leave a naughty toddler behind if you moved.”
I do not believe God would ever leave one of His children behind if He moved.
Here the answer is in the question. HIS CHILDREN. There is a wealth of biblical evidence to support that our loving Father will save the righteous (His children) but the unrighteous will perish. That doesn’t change the fact that He is a loving God. Hence the whole gospel message of salvation.The bible tells us The gospel is for all but most will not take this gift and of some that do they will fall away from it. You are right though, as His children we will stumble and fall and He has provided a way out in that if we are sure to confess our sins and turn from sin (being a slave to it) we will find forgiveness and a continuation of our loving relationship with Him. When we mess up, we are sorry. We begin to bare the fruit that is necessary for Christ to be reflected in our very beings. That’s a promise.The opposite is clear too. For those who reject the gospel or who say they are Christian but do not turn away from a deliberate sin life style are practicing unrighteousness, do not reflect Christ and will perish. This is not about our mercy it is about God’s and I think He couldn’t be clearer about the extent of His mercy.
Personally, I love my kids and would never leave them behind when I moved. But I would not go so far as to take any other child who was not my own. That doesn’t mean I don’t love and respect all children.
Only the truth, the full truth will set us free.  I hope that helps both of us.
Blessings Cary