Cary (29 March 2011)
"answer to steve"

Hi Steve

I pretty much explained my belief in a message to Jennie but I will try to explain more fully because I know I can be guilty of conversing with one person and then turning to someone else and carrying on the convo without an explanation which can leave others confused!!

I belong to neither Calvinism nor  Arminianism (or any other man or ism) I try only to follow the bible and Gods word. I agree with some but not all points of both and don't like to be pigeon holed.
I believe that if you hold osas up to the light it doesn't compare fully with the doctrine of Grace.  Osas (Calvinism)  doesn't address the issue of 'falling into apostasy which is a biblical truth.
Neither can you can't be saved by Grace through faith alone with works.
If you believe that everybody (no exceptions) who has accepted Jesus as Saviour CANNOT ever fall away, no matter the depths of sin or apostasy he commits during his life, then you could never have the end times apostasy that the bible speaks of. But the bible does not teach this. Nor does it teach salvation by works.

So the question is can that grace be forfeited?

I think the problem is the misuse of one or two words or a slight misunderstanding of scripture can lead you astray. The bible teaches salvation by grace through faith alone but people have forgotten the next bit which is that our natural response to that wonderful offer is a humble gratitude which must lead to our wanting to conform to Christs likeness (Holy Spirit and gift of fruits help us in this) The bible refers to this as works. From what I am understanding from peoples comments 'it doesn't matter if you sin or to what depths once you are saved' but this contradicts our requirement to conform to Christs likeness. If we don't conform and obey His commands we will not bare fruit and we cannot bare His likeness, hence, when we see Him he will rightly say He does not know us. This explains why some are dismissive of our need to be holy as He is holy.

Am I making sense to you?
I know there is much more to this but I am trying to simplify it as much as possible.