Cary (1 March 2011)
"For Veronika from Germany"

Hello Veronica
I read your post on another site and I understand what you mean by becoming humble.
We all post from different parts of the world and as such language is a constant barrier. I therefore try to stay with biblical verse and still find people are quick to jump to the wrong conclusion about what you are saying. There is a discussion about holiness going on at the moment and I find it interesting that many who understand holiness in it’s context are quickly jumped on by others!
I pray no one has an issue with grace by faith followed by righteousness given to us and that we actively chose to live by God’s standards by responding to the Holy Spirit and I wont presume to judge anyone by assuming they don't have a deeper understanding surrounding that.
I do not have most of the spiritual experiences that people here have. I do not see numbers, angels etc. I have not died and gone to heaven or hell. I do not have a tragic story to tell.
I do have one thing though that’s worth telling – in fact it’s worth shouting from the rooftops.... God loves me! I am on a journey of constant discovery and I willingly chose to follow Him every day.
The Lord makes me humble.