Carol Garza (8 March 2011)
"New UFO TV show "The EVENT""

Don't know if any of you have caught wind of "The Event" on NBC.  Watched it tonight.  Might be the 2nd episode ???  It's  'action' packed but boring and confusing thus far.  It was 2 hours long and in two very short scenes I got the jist of the show.  66 years ago, 'aliens' came to earth hoping to settle here because their planet was overcrowded or something.  They ended up crashing here unable to leave.
They are trying to leave  but there is apparently another group trying to bring more people here from what I'm guessing is the planet the original came from.  They are trying to keep people from returning to their home planet.
It took 2 long hours for 2 short scenes to explain who was who, why they are here and how they got here.
Of course, there are hybrids and a variation of the '5th column'.   I'm not hooked on it and don't know if I will.  "V", imo, is far more interesting except I did not like one bit the ending of the last show.  I read there might be only 2 more shows before it gets canned.
Oh Well.........
The WORD of GOD is far more interesting and IMPORTANT than the shows.  The shows are merely confirming what we know about the principalities and powers of the air, the rulers of the darkness of this world and the spiritual wickedness in high places.
We know the Great Deception is at our door step.  There are a lot of sleepy headed people.  Both unbelievers and believers.  :-(   One would think that with all these movies and TV shows on UFOs, Aliens and earth shattering catastrophes like the next upcoming "Battle: LA" being released on 3/11/11, people would want read, pray and study the Word of God with a deep reverence KNOWING soon we will be meeting our Beloved Creator face to FACE.  But sadly many, many people are dumbfounded and only care about day to day living...getting up in the morning to go to school or work, come home, do what has to be done, watch TV and go to bed only to repeat what they did the day before.
May God's Holy Spirit speak to every lazy man's heart.  Time is exceedingly short.  For US, this is WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS NEWS !!!
Our Redemption certainly draws nigh now !!  Hooray!  Hooray !!  All Praise and Honor and Glory with Thanksgiving to our Beloved KING JESUS !!!
Carol Garza