Carol Garza (31 March 2011)
"To Joe Chappell- Mood shift"

Very Good insight Joe !
I think you're right on the 'money'... :-)
That being the case, we should be outta here very, very SOON indeed !!
Mr O keeps calling himself a 'citizen of the WORLD'.  You mentioned a coming major shift in his persona.  Could this coincide with the polar shift that is being discussed in depth in some circles ?
My heart/my spirit believes our Lord's imminent return is in or BEFORE May.  I lean towards April but honestly do not have any certainty.  When I read possible time frames, nothing registers either.
However, the signs of the times:  Israel being the time piece, the nations gathering together to get rid of Her, the one world government, the one world religion and the collapse of the entire global economy not only the U.S. economy, the increasing interest in UFOS and aliens and alien abcuctions is what convinces me, something HUGE like the Rapture will gather us up with the dead in Christ to meet our Beloved King in the coming months.
May it be so !!!!  Come Lord Jesus.
And as we wait, may His Gracious Favor, Kindness and Goodness bless especially those who are struggling financially, physically and emotionally whose FAITH is in Jesus Christ.  May He 'supernaturally' deliver them even today by the Power of His Holy Spirit.
Carol G