Carol Garza (31 March 2011)
"To Jim G re: credit cards to the max"

Hi Jim,
While I agree we ought to 'work' towards being debt free, for many people including true Believers, being in debt has not been a choice.  I see many people working at low paying jobs.  Consider the people working at department stores, fast food places, convenient stores, gardeners.  Many people have taken any job they can take in order to bring in a paycheck.  Some don't have health insurance.  Many people have car problems, plumbing problems etc... and they have to use their credit cards.
I know people who lost very good paying jobs.  They did not live beyond their means either but are now living on credit cards to make ends meet because their now lowing paying job does not even help pay the monthly mortgage or rent.  They can't even sell their house because there are no buyers OR no one will give them the price needed to pay the house off.  Gas and food prices are on the rise too.
Yes.  There are a lot of people who can't live w/o the latest IPOD, IPAD, IPhone.  They download every app there is out there. They like to spend money.  I also know people who lived beyond their means, then filed BANKRUPTCY, keeping their house and all their 'stuff'.  They were given a 'slap' on the hand and could not use a credit card for a year!   I just read about a number of celebrities who have filed bankruptcy a number of times!!  Why did they go bankrupt?  Because their cocaine habit was in the millions of dollars !
While your post was good, I know there are people who are in debt through no fault of their own and I don't want them to feel guilty if they have been living on credit cards.
Thanks for hearing me out,