Carol G (30 March 2011)
"To Amy re: Left Behind discussion"

Great Post ! You wrote what I have been thinking about for over a year!!  I know soo many people who were truly born again but did not have the insight and knowledge many of us do, even the relationship with Christ that we do.  My parents for instance got saved, truly saved toward the end of their lives.  Back in their day, they only knew how to pray and boy, did my mother ever pray especially for me because I was the rebel in the family.  Today I am the one in the family (my siblings) who knows the Word and has a real relationship with HIM.  I share the gospel, have brought many people to the Lord by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and study as much as I can with prayer.  My brothers who were and still are 'good' people are not saved.  One refuses to believe in God but the SEED IS planted in them and thus I trust the LORD will have exceedingly great Mercy on them.
I believe my parents will be among the dead in Christ who will rise up at the rapture.  And should my brothers get saved moments before the rapture, I believe they too will be raptured !  All true believers  imho will be raptured.  The rewards on the other hand, will not be the same across the board. 
Also.  Sometimes, it is hard to distinguish true believers from Christians in name only.   My religious relatives have passed away.  They were good people and disciplined people but I don't know if they got saved.  They talked more about 'the Virgin Mary than GOD. :-(  I pray the Lord Jesus through His Holy Spirit revealed Himself to them before they departed.
Then there are the carnal Christians.  Some really talk the talk but their lives don't testify the working of the Spirit and His Word in them.  They go to church.  They pray but never open up to fellowship, never talk about the Lord or the things of the Lord.  Others may talk the talk, but looking at them and watching their lifestyles, you can't tell if they really are saved.  I'm sure SOME are!
Then we have the scriptures in Revelation 2 & 3 (among others in the bible) that warn us of being deceived and of being luke warm !
 So this raises the discussion of who is left behind.
 A young friend of mine, who is also the son of my childhood friend is saved.  Both are.  But the young man who knows the Word and has given himself to the Lord has struggled off & on with sin, with drugs, with 'life'.  This past weekend when we were together, both were excited and fearful of the Lord's imminent return.  I have been explaining and showing them scriptures since 2007 of the nearness of His Coming.  They are NOW finally getting it !  But the young man was telling me  he is freaking out because he knows he has not been right with the Lord and he told me he needs to.  He is soo excited the Rapture is sooo near, yet he can't bring himself to ask the Lord to help him change his ways.  I think the reason for this is in past years he has been 'on fire' for God, for the gospel, only to lose his ferver and 'fire'.  It could be he was trying to serve the Lord in the flesh and it burned him out.  His failure took him back to the world.  He has gone back and forth a few times so now he doesn't know what is going to happen to him even though he's excited about the Rapture!!!  His name is James case anyone is led to pray for him.  Thanks in advance.
Amy wrote:
For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.
This verse says that "the dead in Christ" will be taken in the rapture.  It doesn't say only the "dead in Christ" that were living holy lives and in obedience to God at the time of their death will go in the rapture.  It seems pretty clear that the Church body that is already dead will not be resurrected at two different times, but in this one event described in the passage above. 
In other words,  if obedience and holy living was required for one to be resurrected at the rapture, one group that was good enough would get their glorified body before the Tribulation and the rest that were not good enough would have to wait and be resurrected some time later. I do not believe the scriptures teach this at all.
So if the dead in Christ aren't divided as a group that makes up the body of Christ, then why would the group that is alive in Christ at the time of the rapture be divided?  What would be the difference between the back-slidden group already dead and the back-slidden group that is alive at the time of the rapture?