Carol Garza (17 March 2011)
"To Mary Ames re: What is missing in Japan"

Everything you shared Mary is absolutely true but what is lacking the most is GOD, the One True GOD in their lives.  Japan is a Buddhist/Shinto and Confucianism country albeit not a religious one.  They are very /SELF disciplined people.  There may be pockets of true believers in Japan but as a whole they don't put their Faith in GOD, much less believe JESUS CHRIST is the SAVIOR.
I am not saying God is punishing them with this tragedy for not believing in Him.  But may GOD use this tragedy to have them look for and look to JESUS.  Sometimes before we become true believers and followers of the Word of God, we have to hit rock bottom.
I have been praying for Japan reminding the LORD, His Mercy endures forever.  I have been asking our Heavenly Father to dispatch and send myriads and myriads of angels to help and minister to them, that they would be touched by the Love and Power of ALMIGHTY GOD.
May they all come to trust and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.