Carl Berryman (30 March 2011)
"Wow...the mark, just a few steps away now!!"

Hi John and fellow Doves

Look at this:

In New Zealand next year they are looking to introduce a ‘Tap and Go’ credit card system. Just one step away now from the chip being inserted in the hand or forehead.

They say in the article that there are no, or limited, security issues with this new system, but this will perfect for leading people into a false sense of security. You can bet your bottom dollar that in due course they will say...we have to tighten up security around its it is probably a good idea we stick the chip in you.

One of the systems used for EFT POS here in New Zealand is labelled ‘Pay Mark’. They even have the audacity to call it the mark!!

Everything is converging folks.


Keep looking up! He’s coming can feel it.




Carl Berryman

Napier, NZ