Candice Ehmen (23 March 2011)
"Dream "THIS IS IT" : )"

March 19th 2011
 (1 day before my birthday 3/20/2011
Good birthday present from the Lord!! : ) thanks Jesus!!

     ~ Jesus is Coming~

I was driving down the road in (memorial street) (felt like 4:00pm)
cars were back up and couldn't go further anymore... 

I felt the urgency to get out of the car because of the traffic and start
running FORWARD and then all of the sudden its totally (Grey all around - stormy)
and this grey was coming from the sky to earth, felt like you could touch it!
I was running East!!

I felt this extreme energy coming from the Holy Ghost to preach... I looked over at this man that was running close by and said Jesus is coming... Repent, NOW no times left.. ask Jesus in your heart, "This is it!" and he said to me "I am' I did" everyone is... and knows this is it!  

I didn't want to look back... I felt while I was running the rush of the holy ghost & wind pushing me fast!!  My mom called me in my dream and said "WE ARE AT THE TABLE" (I believe Wedding supper-even though she is still here in earth)  getting ready to eat, and I said... oh mama.. This is it!! and she said "I know this is it" and I said no mama this is really it!!! :) and she said I know!! : ) cause we are watchers too... and then I woke up!!

Love In the Lord, Candice  <><