Bruce Warner (2 March 2011)
"TO: Jennie RE: Your Post to Me (1 Mar 2011)"

Hi Jennie,

I believe that you are exactly right. God is in complete control of His own end-time plan, and He reveals it to us in the Scriptures. If it His plan for the anti-Christ to be revealed to us "so that he sits in the temple of God" 30 days before the mid-point of the '70th Week of Daniel' just BEFORE we are raptured, who can say that it cannot be that way?

The Scriptures tell us that the a-C does not receive his 'full power' until Satan arrives on earth to give him the power of Satan until the 1,260 middle-day-point of the '70th Week of Daniel'. Therefore, "He who holds it back will be taken out of the way" allowing the rapture to occur just BEFORE Satan arrives to give the a-C his 'full power' at the mid-point of the '70th week'. Who can say that it cannot be this way?

YBIC, Bruce Warner