Bruce Warner (12 March 2011)
"TO: Jim Bramlett RE: Your Post (11 March 2011) 2011-2012"

Hi Jim,

I agree that 'the generation' should be figured from June 1967 as it relates to the Fig tree. Marilyn Agee has found that the life-span of a Fig tree is about '50 years'. Therefore, I think we are on the right track for the length of a 'generation'.
I have thought a 'generation' was equal to the 49 years of Jubilee Cycle, but you have presented good evidence that it may actually be '52 years'.

If the 'Second Coming' of the Lord is scheduled for the 'Fall Feasts of 2019' (1967 + 52 = 2019) then the 'mid-point' (end of the 42nd month) of the '70th Week of Daniel' will occur in the 'Spring of 2016' which is within the next 'Jubulee Year'. Therefore, the beginning of the '70th Week of Daniel' would be in the Fall of 2012 (2012 + 7 = 2019).

YBIC, Bruce Warner