Bruce Baber (31 March 2011)
"This spring brings to conclusion the 70 years (minus 7) of a generation"


This spring does look both promising and ominous, doesn't it. So far, I am looking at the anniversary date of when Israel was reestablished in May of 1948.  Ron Reese has cited some good reasons to look to April, a few weeks earlier than the anniversary date of Israel's rebirth.


It seems significant to me that there no fulfilled biblical prophecies after the destruction of Jerusalem. Roughly 1,900 years! Yet with increasing frequency, other bible prophecies have been fulfilled since 1948, showing us that this is the final generation before the rapture of the church. Now we have almost reached 70 years (length of a generation in Psalm 90) since Israel was esablished as a modern nation.  Seventy years minus the seven year tribulation brings us back to this spring!


It surely seems we are almost out of this old world! I can't say with absolute certainty that the rapture will be in May. If it occurred in April, I'd be thrilled! I just don't see how it could be later than May!!!


Bruce Baber