Bonnie M (8 March 2011)

Oh, that is "ok".  I am being lazy also, could google.

Mariel, do you know what it means to "cut" and "paste".  That is a way to

1.  On any site, at the top of the screen is a http://  address.

Put your arrow over this address and left click.  The address should turn
blue.  Then right click. A drop file will appear. See where it says "cut".
 Left click on "cut".

2.  Go to the screen where you are typing and place your arrow where you
want the link to appear in your message.  Right click.  A drop file will
appear again.  This time left click "paste".  And there you go, the link
appears in the body of your message.

You can practice with the http:// at fivedoves which I have done above.
When I first learned how to do this, after about 5 years of owning a
computer, I went a little bonkers and was cutting and pasting all over the
place.  Like you, it was a little of a mystery before than.

I hope that helps.  There is also a "Help" icon on the tool bar which will
give you an index.  It will provide helpful information on how to link.

None of this will not matter very soon.  We will have no need for
computers and such, but they are a gift from our Lord.  How else would I
have meet all you wonderful people!

God bless and with great joy and expectation, I pray to see you soon.

Your Sister in Christ - Bonnie M.