Bob Ware (8 March 2011)
"Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama and 2011 in 49th column of Genesis 1:1 Pyramid"

2041 is the Greek gematria of ‘antichrist’ in 1 John 4:3. 1795 is the sum of the ASCII codes for ‘Barack Hussein Obama’. The mathematical center of the gematria of Genesis 1:1 is 1351. The ‘Center of Gravity’ stone of the ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’ is blue stone number 1501 which is also red stone number 1201. All of these stone numbers (including blue stone 2011) fall in the 49th diagonal column of the ‘Genesis 1:1 Pyramid’.


There are 28 Hebrew letters in Genesis 1:1. There are 28 inclusive stones from red stone 2041 to blue stone 2011.


Blue stone numbers 121 and 192 also fall in this same 49th column. 121 is the 5th Star of David number (121 = 11 x 11). The 121st day of 2011 will be May 1st (5.01). 501 is the Hebrew gematria of ‘Barack Hussein Obama’. The 192nd day of 2011 will be July 11th (7.11).


It would appear that the antichrist will be revealed in 2011.