Bob Ware (3 March 2011)
"2595 inclusive Tribulation Days: 4.4.2011 to 5.11.2018 (part 4)"

The first three parts in this series:

The 5th word of Genesis 1:1 (heaven) and the 11th tribe name on the breastpiece (Manasseh) share the same gematria (395). From the starting date of 12.21.2005 the last day clockwise around the circumference of the ‘Circle of Time’ will be 5.11.2018. 5 + 11 equals: 16. From the first Inauguration Day for George Walker Bush to (1.20.2001) to 5.11.2018 will be 16 steps of 395 days.


From 4.3.2011 to 5.11.2018 will be the full 2595 days of the Tribulation. From 4.3.2011 to the first day of the 305th Jewish calendar cycle (10.2.2016) will be 2010 inclusive days. There are 305 prime numbers in the range of: 1 to 2010. From 10.2.2016 to the 2520th day from 4.3.2011 (2.25.2018) will be 511 days.


From 10.2.2016 to 5.11.2018 will be 586 days (511 + the 75 days in Daniel 12:12). The perimeter of a segment of this circle with an arc of 586 equals: 2026 (720 radius + 586 arc + 720 radius). 2026 equals: 2 x 1013 and 1013 is the prime number gematria of ‘LORD JESUS CHRIST’.


Sunset of 5.11.2018 completes the 56th day of the Jewish religious year that began in the Jewish civil year 5778. The sum of the first 56 composite numbers equals the Greek gematria of ‘JESUS CHRIST’ (2368). At sunset of 5.11.2018 the 234th day of 5778 begins. 5.11.2018 will be 31 steps of 234 days from the center day (7.2.1998) of the unique leap-year twin-prime cluster of years: 1996 to 2000. The sum of these five years is: 9990. 9990 is also the total gematria of the complete Hebrew and Greek alphabets. Thus, 9990 could be seen as a number representing the Old (Hebrew) and New (Greek) Testaments.


From the Mayan date 12.21.2012 to 5.11.2018 will be 1967 days. The length of each of the six sides of a Star of David within this circle is 1247. The radius of this circle is 720 and 720 + 1247 equals 1967. Radius lines drawn through the center of each of these six sides creates six symmetrical crosses – one for each day of the 1967 Six Day War.