Bob Ware (12 March 2011)
"Japan's earthquake stopped shaking on the 888th minute of their day"

The 8.9 earthquake struck Japan at 02:46:23 p.m. local time on 3.11.2011 According to eyewitness reports the shaking lasted for about two minutes.
02:46 p.m. plus two minutes would have been 02:48 p.m.
        02:48 p.m is the 888th minute of a day.
                888 is the Greek gematria of 'JESUS'.
The 1440 minutes in a day minus the first 888 leaves 552 minutes.
        552 = 2 x 276 (the number saved in Paul's shipwreck). Yesterday's tsunami wrecked many ships.
Daylight saving time begins on 3.13.2011.
3.13.2011 will be 1440 days from the center date of the current 19-year Jewish calendar cycle.
As I wrote yesterday, 3.11.11 was 1906 days after the 12.21.2005 date at the top of my 'Circle of Time'. 1906 was the year of the San Francisco earthquake.
3.13.2011 will be 1908 days from the 12.21.2005. The diameter of the 'Circle of Time' is of 1440. 1908 was the year of the Tunguska Blast.
3.21.2011 will be 37 x 1967 days since the New Madrid earthquake that occurred on 12.16.1811.
3.22.2011 will be 1917 days from the 12.21.2005. General Allenby took control of Jerusalem in December of 1917.
4.03.2011 will be 1929 days from the 12.21.2005. 1929 was the year of the stock market crash.
Could the 8.9 earthquake be just the first of several major catastrophes (birth pains) in close proximity of each other?